Cases involving healthcare, medicine, or personal injury can be difficult to assess, interpret, and understand...
...unless you have the right expertise!

Simonetti Legal Nurse Consultants LLC will help determine whether your case has merit, prepare chronologies, graphs and locate any experts needed, prepare medical depositions and interogatory questions, obtain custom demonstrative evidence, and more.

From interpreting medical terminology to preparing you for court, Simonetti Legal Nurse Consultants LLC gives our clients the competitive medical edge to run their practice more efficiently, use their office's resources more effectively, and win more cases.  Nowhere else can an attorney find this level of cost-effective expertise for reviewing medical records, locating experts, or interpreting medical facts related to their cases.  

A distinct advantage offered by Simonetti Legal Nurse Consultants LLC:
our consulting physicians review all potentially meritorious cases prior to submission
This gives you double the confidence in pursuing your case!